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Web Designs


Our sites include Google Analytics integration to track your visitors behavior

Useful data

• Track how many customers view your website

• Find out what other sites bring traffic to your site

• Focus your budget on other campaigns with useful data

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Where to Start

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Analytics & Maintenance


The name of your site, most prefer a .com extension but there are other options like .org .info .co


We provide hosting with all of our websites saving you time and money

The first year of hosting is included with any new web design packages


SoCal Web Designs experts can design you an amazing website at a great one time price

If youre interested in editing your site with WordPress please scroll down to learn more


Our websites include routine yearly, monthly or ongoing maintenance that is either included with your plan or

charged at an hourly rate depending on the package you choose

4 ways to build your site

• SoCal Web Designs can maintain your entire website

• You can maintain your own website with a WordPress or Everweb Editor

• We can design your site and let you try the WordPress or Everweb  Editor

• Upload your site using our FTP server and an editor of your choice

Gather Content – Text, Photos & Videos

Our web design process starts with combinaion of an in-person visit, phone calls, or e-mails through

which we will attempt to gain an understanding your business, your objectives, and your ideas

Design – Visual Look of the Site

Equipped with the information provided by you, our expert experience, and further research

we can begin to develop a working model that can be adjusted to your liking

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The Process

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Get analytics data that tracks where and how your visitors find and view your website

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Congratulations, You're Ready to Start Your Website!

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Testing – Fine Tune Site

Once the final design has been chosen we then work on creating final look and feel for your site

Then we’ll populate your website with content and show you how the final product looks

Live – Site Made Live to Public / Ongoing Refinement

After the launch we carry out further research on your site and help you gather appropriate

information to take the next steps towards developing a new online marketing plan

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