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Many Commonly Asked Questions Can Be Answered Below


What Do I Need To Start My Website?

A domain name, a host provider, and the design. However, just dragging and dropping elements on a page will only get a website so far.

SoCal Web Designs can provide all these to you in an any of our exclusive packages, and ensure your site shows up on all the major

search engines.

Who Will Create My Website?

One of our expert web designers create the site for you. Most our websites are made with Everweb and WordPress editors, and we do

not recommend editing your website yourself unless you have working knowledge of these programs.

How Is The Cost Of A New Website Determined?

Most sites will be quoted on a price from our pricing tab above, and will be based of the customers requested needs. We will then quote

you a fixed bid on your given project based on the complexity, the size of the website and the need for social media integration and

search engine optimization. We will make sure our pricing is based on your specific needs.

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

Cash, check and credit cards are accepted. All website design and marketing projects require a minimum down payment of 50% to start.

Hosting and domain renewal fees of must be paid on a yearly basis, you will be notified before your expiration date.

How Long Will It Take To Design And Build My New Website?

Most website projects require 2 - 4 weeks for completion, but can take longer depending on complexity and other factors. Because some

projects are completely static and others require constant change, completion date wil be based on a individual basis.

Do You Accept Every Client?

Yes, we accept all customers and business big or small. Give us a call now for a free quote, or visit our pricing section above.

Can I Update My Website After Launch?

SoCal Web Designs offers ongoing maintenance after the initial launch at a predetermined rate. After which point, we can attempt to

arrange a way for the customer to begin to edit their own website. We suggest the customer has working knowledge of the program

used to create their website, as additional charges will occur to reset or alter the original design after completion of the site has been

agreed upon by both parties.

I See You Are Based In Orange County Do You Just Work With Local Clients?

Our main office is located in Orange County, but we also have clients and team members located throughout the US.

We Don't Have A Lot Of High Quality Images So What Do You Suggest?

There are a number of websites that offer affordable images for use in website design projects. We typically recommend our own

source for images: | (subscription fees may apply).

What Is SEO And Do You Include It?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it means: how does your website show up on major search engines. Optimum SEO

can be attained by proper website coding, social media presence, and/or a good mixture of both. There is not set or guaranteed way to

implement SEO, but places like SoCal Web Designs have their own techniques that can keep you one step ahead of your competition.

Are Your Website's Search Engine Friendly?

All of our websites are designed around Google and guidelines for suitable search engine optimization. We will create a sitemap.xml

file and submit it to Google and other Major Search Engines upon launch, if you've purchased a new website.

What Platform Do You Use For E-commerce?

Most of our E-Commerce Websites are designed around Paypay, and to do so we only need your email account associated with your

Paypal. We then link your products to your emails and you can begin selling. We can also attempt to use other platforms, but we can

not guarantee that all will work with our design programs.


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